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Portable Disinfecting Soap Strips

Portable Disinfecting Soap Strips - Deluxe Prep

Portable Disinfecting Soap Strips

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While inhibiting and removing bacteria, it also has the following powerful effects!

The Disinfection soap strips lets you wash your hands nearly anywhere you go. Effectively eliminating 99.99% of bacteria! Just add water! Each travel pack comes with 20 thin sheets of soap, with each sheet enough for 1 hand wash. Simple and convenient, which is very important now!


  • SAFE ON SKIN: The Disinfection soap are gentle on the skin, eliminating bacteria without making your skin dry
  • CONVENIENT: Whether you are at home or outdoors, you want to be able to wash your hands thoroughly.
  • NO MESS: Clean your hands thoroughly anywhere you go with each sheet enough for 1 hand washing.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Container that fits right in your bag or pocket. Keep them in your purse or even in your car so you have soap to wash your hands with anytime you need!
  • NATURAL SOAP FRAGRANCE: Natural soap fragrance, mild to no fragrance  



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